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Tree Stump Removal

Whenever you remove a large tree, the stump is almost always left behind. We all know how unsightly and dangerous tree stumps can be hence their removal should be your first priority. Tree stumps are not as prominent in appearance, but rather they are found low to the ground hidden by grass or shrubs. This is what makes them even more risky. Unsightly tree stumps directly affect the curb appeal of your property which can become particularly frustrating when you want to dispose your home. There are various techniques that we use at Cheshire Stump Removal to get rid of your stumps from your garden.

Stump Grinding

This is the most popular and extremely effective technique of removing a tree stump. The grinder machine is used for the grinding work on the stump and comprises large spinning blades positioned at the front. Grinders can reduce even hardwood stumps quickly to sawdust. When equipped with a commercial grinder, the process takes extremely a short time to grind the stump. Over the years we have served the needs of residents in Knutsford and Hale by offering them quality stump removal services. As a company, we are trustworthy and observe the safety regulations when removing stumps from your property. Based on experience, we recommend you hire our stump removal services where termites have infested the wood below or above ground, or where you want to do landscaping or fencing past a location with a stump. Where left unattended, stumps and roots may continue growing thereby causing damage to the foundation, sidewalks, or even the fencing around your property.

Disposing of Tree Stumps

When we remove your stump, we don’t just leave it on your property, but rather our solutions are comprehensive enough to include the disposal process. The local authorities may not accept huge stumps for disposal and this is why we have a network of local recycling centres which readily accept this category of yard waste. After removing the stumps, we fill the holes with top soil, carefully spread grass seed over and then cover it with mulch. This helps in the restoration process and makes your yard looks great.

Why Choose Our Stump Removal Solutions?

As one of the leading stump removal companies in Cheshire, we always strive to employ efficient stump grinding methods which leave your property intact and in a much better shape. We offer same day services and we can handle stumps of any depth, located anywhere around your property. Thanks to our specialised machinery, our stump removal services achieve the best possible outcome. We offer 24/7 emergency services to cater for those instances where unexpectedly your tree falls and you want a complete removal including the stump. As a locally owned business, we understand Cheshire’s landscape and soil structure. This enables us to tailor our stump removal solutions to suit your property. We all know that stump removal is such an engaging task which has its own fair share of risks both to our servicemen and to your property. To ensure that you are not exposed during the process, we have insured our activities and are fully licensed. Hire Cheshire Stump Removal today for total tree and trump removal solutions in Knutsford and Hale.

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