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Garden Maintenance

Many of our customers in Timperley, Ultrincham, and the greater Manchester area, are surprised at the high quality of service we are able to deliver. This is because of our policies and work ethic which ensure prompt service and completion of garden maintenance jobs the same day. The moment you contact us, we make arrangements to quickly meet with you within the shortest time possible. At Cheshire Stump Removal, we fully understand the need for an accurate estimate so as to give you the likely cost of your project. That said, we do not take estimates over the phone, but rather send our garden operators to come and survey the nature of work to be done after which we give a realistic estimate. Even after cleaning your garden, we do not leave you with the waste, but rather pick it up for safe disposal elsewhere. We offer a variety of garden maintenance services to the sub-urban residents of Timperley which include:

Lawn Mowing

Our full lawn mowing and grass cutting service is carried out by a locally based team whose aim is to give you a familiar and personalised service. Depending on the condition of your lawn, our charges will vary with lawns that are well maintained, costing less to cut. We assess the price to be charged purely based on the size of the lawn and the length of time it will take us to complete the job. If you are looking for regular service, we can agree on the number of visits you should make per year to ensure your lawn is always maintained and looking good.

Tree Felling

Depending on the circumstances, a tree can either be a liability or an asset. If your home is surrounded by trees, you need to hire experts to do a professional tree risk assessment to determine whether the tree is still in good condition, diseased, or damaged. Tree felling is usually undertaken on diseased trees or those which find themselves in project sites. We are an accredited company with certified staffs who can explain to you how they are going to remove your tree without any of your other properties getting damaged. We use specialised equipment and our techniques are always topnotch to give you a clean job.

Stump Removal

Our duty doesn’t just end when we fell a tree, but rather continues to ensure that stumps are completely rooted out leaving you with an exceptional garden. Dead stumps which have no hope of forming suckers can be physically removed so that they do not play host to diseases such as honey fungus. Apart from the physical removal of stumps, you can use chemical stump killers which are normally applied to wood that has been freshly cut. When your garden is free from stumps that stick out and your lawn is well done, your landscape will be greatly enhanced. We do not just own the equipment, but also have the skills to operate

Other services we offer are:

  • Garden Clearances.
  • Tree Lopping.
  • Grass Cutting.
  • Border Tidying.

    For a quote or to book one of our garden maintenance service don't hesitate to contact us.